In the competitive industry of electronics manufacturing, GDI understands the importance of cost savings. GDI is one of the first to offer optimization programs for customers to reduce procurement costs. With over 5,000 intentional qualified suppliers having a larger number of client resources, GDI can effectively reduce the purchase price  using centralized purchasing power and access to different regions in order to locate the lowest price quickly as possible. 

Customers enjoy the bargaining power that GDI has to offer and its cost saving procurement program that provides positive PPV of increased profits with lower costs.


  • Provide a list of components including MPN, quantity and standard/target price

  • Filter list through predetermined filters

    • 10% minimum cost savings​

    • Minimum line item dollar savings

    • Date code restriction

  • Filtered list of components is sent for purchase consideration


  • Introduce cost reduction opportunities without replacement to your existing supply chain

    • Purchase a limited schedule of components to provide positive PPV​

    • Increase profits with lower cost

  • Increase quality inventory, buying opportunities and purchases

    • Lead time buy and consignment/excess solutions