GDI provides its customers with quality components from stock inventory of OEM, EMS, OCM and authorized global agents, reseller and distributors, including open market suppliers evaluated by GDI with lab validations.
Great Development International 

Innovative Service

constantly innovating the way service is provided in order to keep the edge in the marketplace

Customer-focused service providing solutions to shortages and EOL. PPV Cost savings program, inventory management and quality management with GDI's innovative service advantage.
Located worldwide primarily in Asia and America; global locations allow GDI to access a larger market with quicker response times, providing global sourcing, logistics and cost saving opportunities. 


Great Development International (GDI) is a worldwide, full-service independent electronic components distributor established in 2006. GDI provides OEM and EMS from trusted Top 100 suppliers and solutions to shortages and EOL through innovative service.

GDI is your first choice to solve material shortages with quick solutions that help reduce losses with quality components. The staff is experienced in sourcing and enforcing strict quality control procedures to reduce business risks and efficiently solve your demands. 

GDI would like to use their most sincere and innovative service for customers to create great added value.