Great Development International is a leading distributor for electronic components to customers worldwide, with offices in the United States and Asia.

Over the last 13 years, GDI has grown exponentially and has become a trusted supplier for TOP 100 OEM and EMS customers such as HP, Dell, Foxconn, Flextronics, Emerson, Alcatel, Sharp and Delta, among many others.

As a trusted, full-service independent electronic components distributor, the products distributed come with the guarantee that the products are high quality and 100% original. Quality control begins from a rigorous supplier selection process, in-house quality control procedure and additional 3rd party validations.


GDI prides itself with its innovative service approach that provides customers a greater value in the partnership. GDI is customer focused, holds competitive prices, and has strict quality control to reduce business risk in order to protect the interest of their customers. GDI has quick solutions that help reduce losses with a "Global materials positioning system" that tracks inventory and connects to more than 5,000 suppliers world wide in real-time.

Number one choice in providing loyal and excellent

service to meet your needs and demands